With over 900+ pre-schools in more than 330+ cities across the country, Kidzee is the largest pre-school chain in Asia. Kidzee has touched the lives of more than 200,000 children since its inception in 2003. Currently Kidzees across the country have over 40000 students.

Its proprietary pedagogy, ILLUME is what sets Kidzee a class apart from other pre-school chains. Illume is an approach that helps parents and teachers spot the unique potential in each child and help them realize it. This new pedagogy was instituted by Kidzee after conducting an action research carried out across 20,000 parents, 2000 teachers & 1, 30,000 children. ILLUME is different from the one size fits all approach followed in most of the preschools. It lays before a child diverse pathways. With keen observation, a note is made of the preferred learning style of each child. Once this is concluded, activities are built around his/her preferred learning style. This approach ensures that no pressure is enforced on the child and hence they grow at their own pace. The child learns HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.

Illume was independently validated by M S University, Baroda in January 2010. The content, methodology and assessment techniques of the program were found to be developmentally appropriate and child centered. Moreover, the infrastructure at Kidzee centers was found be safe, welcoming, stimulating, interesting and child friendly.

Zee Learn was honoured by being chosen as the sole India Representative at OMEP World Congress in August 2010. Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Préscolaire (OMEP) is an international, non governmental and non profit-making organisation dedicated to all aspects of early childhood education and care (ECEC). Zee Learn was chosen for our education philosophy and for having the widest footprint in the country. Our academic head – Mrs Nitya Ramaswami, presented a paper and poster on “Universalisation of quality pre-school education” at this august assembly.


Mount Litera Zee Schools is now the second largest chain of schools in the private-unaided category with 65 signed-up schools and 30 operational schools across the country. . Launched in December 2008, 60 schools signed up in one year make Mount Litera Zee School the fastest growing school chain in India. Zee Learn acts as a consultant to Mount Litera Zee Schools and provides Education management and Advisory services including School set up assistance, teacher training, Assessment, teaching materials, Branding and enrolment assistance.

Mount Litera Zee schools are an endeavour by ZLL to bring about a quantum improvement in school education. The purpose is to help children realize their unique potential through their state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, well trained teachers, and a proprietary pedagogy; Mount Litera Zee Schools provide holistic and quality education to all its students.